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Metal Cutting Lubricant Survey


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1) Metal(s) Being Cut:  2) What is the Part:

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5) Tooling or Wheel Type:

6) Part's Previous Operation:

7) Part's Subsequent Operation:

8) CURRENT LUBRICANT:      Company &  Product Name:Type:

9) WATER QUALITY:      pH:Hardness:

10) APPLICATION METHOD (check all applicable) ::Spray Mist  Flood Other

11) RESEVOIR:     Size: Filtration: Filter Size:

12) Contaminants:

13) RUST PROTECTION REQUIRED:  How Long: Storage Conditions:

14) Critical Parameters:

15) ADDITIVE RESTRICTIONS - Y / N:      Chlorine:Sulfur:OTHER:

16) WASTE DISPOSAL:     Frequency of Dumps:Restrictions:Method Used:Recycle:

17) Describe Any Current Problems:

18) Principal Improvments Desired:


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